How We Can Stay Positive, and Why We Should

By Vincent Hughes posted 08 Jun, 2020 22:52


Loads of people struggle with staying positive when faced with challenges that just seem insurmountable. Negativity sets in if there is too much stress in your environment to cope with. 

Death, divorce, grief and job loss take their toll. But it is critical to try and recover from negative thinking because a positive attitude builds a healthy body and life. If you find yourself turning in circles and battling to develop a positive outlook, read on for guidelines to turn your life around.

Practice gratitude

It might sound crazy to say ‘thank you’ a hundred or more times a day, but these simple words carry a higher vibration. Try saying ‘thank you’ for 10 minutes a day. If you don’t feel emotionally uplifted, then seek medical help. Gratitude is so important to lift your spirits and emotions out of a nasty funk, so find things to be grateful about every day. Actually sit down and think about this.

Do you have a roof over your head, food in your stomach, a job, and relationships with people who care about you? If yes, then be grateful. Say the words out loud. Diffuser bracelets are wonderful complements to boost positive thinking as well. 

They’re reminders to practice gratitude and can be used with essential oils that promote a positive outlook, like Frankincense, Bergamot or Vetiver.

Become aware of your thoughts and feelings

Emotions are directly linked with stress and poor health if they’re constantly negative. Become aware of your thoughts, your constant inner dialogue, and how this makes you feel. Awareness takes some time and practice to develop, but you cannot change what you’re not yet aware of.

Once you become aware of how your negative thoughts are generating unpleasant emotions, you can change the way you think. Sit down and start practicing how to generate positive emotions like love, compassion, kindness, laughter, and joy. Note how your positive mental intent generates emotions that make you feel good.

Meditation for health

Negative thoughts and emotions make us sick. When this situation continues for a long time, serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, and cardiac problems can develop. Most people are not aware of how much control they have over the outcomes of their lives.

Meditation involves the act of becoming aware of your unconscious mind which sits in your body. Overcome the negative habits situated in your subconscious that keep you on auto-drive, with meditation. The act of sitting quietly focused on your internal world will begin to teach your subconscious that your conscious mind is in the driver’s seat.

Change your habits – change your outlook

Resolve to start each day on a positive note by changing your typical routine. Start your day with gratitude as soon as you open your eyes. Every small routine that gets mixed up is you telling your subconscious who the boss is.

Your body will fight back until it gets the message that you’re serious about building a new personality and world. Persistence is critical. Keep changing and don’t let small fails set you back. You deserve love, joy and happiness, and no-one can set this goal and take action for you, other than you.

Set the tone

Turn your environment into a place that a happy person will want to live in. Open the curtains and bring light into your world. Open the windows and bring fresh air into your life. Turn on the music and dance. 

Bring color back into your life. You’re in charge and even if this sounds like a huge responsibility (it is), you can take steps to regain the health, love and joy that you once knew. Your alternative is poor health and miserable life. Pick which one works the best for you.