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    Does anyone have any recommendations for a hidden Wi-Fi camera to capture a small space for office theft? ------------------------------ Thanks, Nick ------------------------------

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    I am also looking at that very issue, but primarily in the context of an active shooter situation where I would like to impede the movement of the shooter, but not the responding law enforcement personnel.  A natural extension of that issue is for other ...

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    Bonjour, Control Risks recrute un consultant sûreté junior sur Paris. Plus de détails sur :  https://www.controlrisks.com/careers/jobs-search/europe/associate-consultant-src-ema-paris Rejoignez-nous ! Jean-Fernand ------------------------------ ...

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    Ivor, Thanks for the heads up.  Trust me to post the wrong link, every day is a new day for learning. The link should now be active. Best James ------------------------------ James Seaman CPP ------------------------------

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    James, The link is to the preview and not the survey itself. Ivor ------------------------------ Ivor Terret General Manager Enablement Advisors Modiin +16508983812 Israel Chapter Chair, 2016, 2017, 2018 Israel Chapter Interim Chair, 2019 -------- ...

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    Ladies and Gents 3 years ago, I was called into the head of UK Terrorism's office and tasked with taking on the responsibility with stopping any further attacks on UK Politicians after one, Jo Cox MP, had been murdered. Over that period, having ...

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