Critical Infrastructure Working Group

Mission Statement:


The Critical Infrastructure Working Group (CIWG) was conceived as a forum for the ASIS Security Councils to pool resources, collaborate on cross-sector initiatives, and communicate shared priorities in an effort to respond to the broadening threat spectrum faced by asset owners, communities, government and individuals.  


There are many natural catastrophic events aong with the threat of terrorism that reinforce the need for understanding the inter-connection of life-sustaining systems.  To address this dynamic threat environment, the Critical Infrastructure Working Group is moving into 2018 and beyond by striving to focus the attention of the ASIS Security Councils on concepts of Resilience.


 Leveraging the variety of ASIS events, activities, and tools, CIWG is embarking on a program to educate security professionals on the concepts, principles, and practices that contribute to enhancing critical infrastructure resilience.  This includes examining local, national and international resilience projects, investigating resilience best practices, developing a library of resilience resources, promoting the development of ASIS webinars, seminars and presentations, and building a platform for cross-Council collaboration for the enhancement of resilience.


All ASIS Security Councils are encouraged to designate a representative to participate with CIWG.  This participation is important for two-way communication between sector-specific Councils and the overarching activities of CIWG.

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