The Need for Digital Homes to Boost Family Safety

By Vincent Hughes posted 28 May, 2021 14:56


When people talk around smart homes, we associate this term with fancy new houses where everything is automated. While these houses epitomize the concept of a smart home, they are not the only ones where technology can be used to make life better and safer. Creating a digital home with a home control network is advised to enhance security and improve your family’s quality of life.

Indeed, experts advise that you invest in several digital home improvements to ensure your family’s safety. Here are some examples:

Home security

A visit to reveals that there are more digital home security products out there than you might have imagined. For example, this company installs window security film that makes it impossible for burglars to break them without you hearing something and alerting your security company.

Additionally, Wi-Fi cameras and doorbells are becoming more popular among everyday homeowners as these devices add an extra layer of security to their homes. During COVID-19, many families have had to leave older children and teens home alone to complete their schoolwork while everyone goes to work. Having these security devices in place makes them feel more secure about doing so.

Physical safety

Housefires often start because of faulty wiring or appliances being left plugged in and switched on. When you have a digital home, you can control appliances via a central system, wirelessly, or via an app. This ensures that your coffee maker does not stay on the whole day because you forgot to switch it off. It also allows you to turn on your home’s heating a while before anyone is due to arrive home.

You can even control your water heater using this digital technology, switching it on and off as needed. This prevents overheating and damaged thermostats and elements, which could lead to a water heater bursting and causing significant water damage to your home.


Parents worry about their children having too much access to the internet. Strangers online try to befriend and groom kids, typically with the eventual aim of harming them. We hear daily horror stories about hackers gaining access to people’s passwords, identities, and banking details.

With a comprehensive digital system that runs your home, you can ensure that cybersecurity is a priority. It acts as a preventative measure against hacking and could give parents some information about how children spend their time online. You can even tell from the network traffic what time your teens logged off their devices for the night. This extra control makes parents feel they can allow their children to live in an online world but still protect them to a substantial degree.

Consult the experts

When it comes to going digital at home, some things might seem hard to understand, especially for the older generation. It is worth having someone come to the house to assess your current situation and suggest which digital devices and systems could make your home safer. 

With their expertise, they can advise homeowners on what systems and appliances they need. Most companies do such installations for clients, handling the entire digitization process.

Central system

When digitizing your home, the installation expert will recommend a central system or app to run all your appliances and devices. Ask about options and the pros and cons of each before choosing the one that best suits your needs.

The system will link to your home’s wireless network and be critical to ensure that all operations in the home run efficiently. With less to worry about now that your home is digitized, you can focus on spending more time with family and less time worrying about their safety.

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