5 Best Sympathy Flowers You Can Pick If You Want to Send Condolences

By Vincent Hughes posted 21 Mar, 2021 23:41


Sending flowers is a great way to communicate a number of different messages with the people in your life. You can send flowers as a show of sympathy or to show someone that you love or care about them. 

However, the most important flowers that you can send are sympathy flowers, which is why it’s important to be selective when choosing these flowers to ensure that you’re sending the right message. 

It could be a message of sympathy or of celebrating the life of the deceased. Sympathy flowers are often gifted during funerals or to the bereaved family and they can come in the form of modern flowers or traditional bouquets. 


Roses are so versatile because they come in a variety of colors to represent different occasions. 

For the most part, roses are associated with innocence and purity and a bouquet of beautifully arranged roses is a great way to pay your respects to the dead in a way that is elegant and sophisticated. 

They are certainly a great option for sympathy flowers


A wreath is the most common type of sympathy flower arrangement that people display at funerals to sympathize with the grieving family. 

Most wreaths come in white color because it is associated with condolences, but there are no hard and fast rules as to which color you should choose. 

The most important thing is to ensure that the wreath is elegant and beautiful without being showy, out of respect for the family. 


This type of flower is a very popular option at funerals and you will often see chrysanthemums arranged on the burial grounds. 

White chrysanthemums, in particular, make for an elegant arrangement that denotes purity and love. 


Carnations are associated with an affection which makes them an ideal gift for the bereaved. 

You can be creative when arranging your carnations and combine them in different colors or opt for a single color arrangement.

Just avoid combining bright hues because that would not be respectful to the grieving family. 


Lilies are a traditional mourning flower that can be given to the grieving family in a show of sympathy and solidarity. 

White lilies combined with yellow roses are a fantastic way to show that you care, especially when placed next to the deceased loved one’s picture. 


Condolence flowers are a gift that comes from the heart. As such, there are no set rules as to which flowers you should give, so please use this article as an introductory guide. 

At least now you know which flowers are commonly used to send your condolences and you can then take it from there. 

You can create a unique arrangement that reflects the life of the deceased by combining all of their favorite flowers or choose flowers that reflect their personality. 

Either way, the flowers mentioned above are a great starting point because they are known to be one of the best ways to pay one’s respects to the dead.