How to Make Your Corgi Stop Barking

By Vincent Hughes posted 04 Mar, 2021 20:39


Corgis are a much-loved dog breed and well-known for their distinctive looks.

The only thing that isn’t cute about corgis is how loudly and often they bark. In fact, some people adopt corgis because they are so loud. They make great security dogs for this reason because they will wake you up like an alarm clock if they notice something out of place. 

That’s because corgis like to bark at every new encounter and this can be a nightmare for your neighbors during the day. 

That’s why it’s important to train your pup to limit its barking and be disciplined. Here’s how you do that. 

Give Your Dog Regular Exercise

Take your corgi rescue out for regular exercise. You might be wondering what this has to do with preventing your corgi from barking. 

That’s because exercise will help your pup to burn off excess energy which then discourages any barking because they’ll be too busy trying to preserve it. 

All it takes is taking your corgi for a walk or swim every day to help burn off excess energy and keep it calm.

Be Serious with Your Puppy

Show your pup that you mean business. 

It doesn’t matter how many disciplining tricks you perform, if your pet doesn’t take you seriously then nothing will work, especially because corgis are notorious for being strong-willed and steadfast. In fact, it can be said that they are quite bossy.

That’s why you should teach your pup to walk behind you at all times. By walking in front and taking a lead on your walks, you’re showing your pet that you’re the pack leader. 

Make sure your dog understands that they cannot eat unless you’ve given them your permission. These small acts of discipline will go a long way to getting rid of your barking problem. 

Try to Use Commands

Use commands such as “no bark” or “stop” to communicate your discontent for your pet’s barking. 

Do it while they are barking and make sure to place a treat in front of their nose as you issue out the command. 

They’ll stop barking in order to sniff out the treat and once this happens, smile and say “good quiet doggy” or simply, “good dog”. 

If they stay silent for at least 3 seconds after that, give them the treat to enjoy and you’ll have sent a powerful message.

If this happens again, wait for your pet to stay silent for at least 5 seconds before you give them the treat, and soon enough they’ll get the message and understand that the command means that you want them to keep quiet and stop barking. Easy peasy. 

Ignore Your Pet

If your corgi barks at you while washing dishes or vacuuming the floors, don’t take it personally. Any new activity will set your corgi barking and it’s their way of taking part in the activity as well. 

Ignore the barking until it stops. When it does, reward your pet with a treat to show them that you appreciate their silence more than their loud barking.