4 Tips for an Outdoor Graduation Party

By Vincent Hughes posted 04 Mar, 2021 20:37


Your graduation is a momentous occasion in your life. 

Whether your child is graduating from kindergarten or primary school or you’re graduating from high school or university, a graduation is a graduation and it’s best enjoyed when you prepare for it. 

One of the moments that most people look forward to out of the graduation is the party that comes afterward. 

This is to celebrate the student’s achievement as well as their family and friends who have walked the journey with them throughout. 

If you’re planning to hold your graduation party outdoors, here are some tips on how to throw the best gathering in town. 

Get a Nice Hat

When preparing for graduation, you must start from head to toe. 

That’s why we’re going to start with the graduation cap, which you will probably want to take a lot of pictures in, so make sure to hold on to it throughout the day and night. 

There are many grad cap ideas that you can take inspiration from, whether you plan to keep it sleek, black and traditional, or if you add special embellishments and decorations to help customize it and show off your personal style. 

You can style it according to your school colors or express your culture. 

If you’re celebrating a preschooler or primary school child’s graduation, make an event of it and decorate it together with your little one for unforgettable memories. 

Prepare the Scene

Based on the number of guests that you’re expecting you may set up an entire marquee to accommodate everyone. 

If you’d rather host the event outside of your home, you can put up the marquee in a beautiful scenic lakeside venue instead. 

You’ll do well to pick a large area with enough space to fit all of your guests and a marquee is a great way to ensure that the party can crack on no matter what the weather is like. 

Not only does the outdoor environment offer you scenic views and fresh air but it’s also a blank canvas for you to decorate the event any way you like. 

Order Some Finger Food

Food brings people together and the key to a successful party is to make sure that there’s plenty of it at your event. 

But, what kind of food should you serve at a graduation party? What do people like to eat at these events?

For the most part, these ‘dos typically start with some hors d’oeuvres because this is a fancy affair after all. Think salad-topped bread biscuits, skewers with sushi, and small sushi pieces to nibble on. 

The point is to make sure that your guests always have something to nibble on during the party and if you plan on having a lot of guests over then you might want to hire a professional catering service instead. 

Decorate with a Diploma Decor Theme

Décor makes the graduation party. It’s what people see as soon as they enter the venue and it sets the tone for the entire event. 

Since this is a celebration, you can decorate the space with huge balloons, fairy lights, and ribbon-tied serviettes to carry on the theme of the diploma. 

You can arrange the color scheme based on the student’s level of achievement and most schools have their own color scheme arrangement based on whether or not a student is receiving an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. 

So, you can use those colors as inspiration or stick to classic black. The choice is yours. 

Either way, it’s important to throw a memorable graduation party that will create a positive association with that time in your life.