Creating a Marketing Strategy for a Tech Start-Up

By Vincent Hughes posted 17 Dec, 2020 17:37


If you are planning a tech start-up, know that you are entering a highly competitive state. Don’t get fazed by all the hi-tech marketing platforms at your disposal and decide to go for the traditional route. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but why wouldn’t you use the modern wizardry at your disposal?

Also, if you think of the billions you will reach by using social media, you should move deeply into that space. Find out what platforms are best for your start-up and go for it.

Guest blogging

Here’s a site you can post on that can see you increase traffic to your own site. You can gain a good volume of first-timers looking to see what you’re doing, and it’s here when you can talk about your start-up. It’s valuable using sites like these that are well known in the tech industry rather than trying to do it all on your own.

A good technology guest post from can see you gain rank in search engines. Work out who your target audience is and what specific information do they need? Having a good content strategy can sort this out for you.

Get personal

Personalized campaigns work like a dream. When you know who your audience is, you can get going with personalized emails and other social media platforms. It would help to have someone you can discuss your digital marketing campaign with.

There are such people whose sole purpose this is. The whole digital space can be somewhat overwhelming at first. Let an expert guide you into what platforms work best and how you should use them. Even if this is a couple of hours, it will be time well spent.

SEO vital

Search Engine Optimization has been around a while, but it remains one of the best basics when it comes to marketing. You should be thinking of the long haul and not the zap-them-in-the-eyes-and-run kind of marketing. This may have quick follow-up and just as quick let-down.

SEO was also built for the long-term. Using keywords in your blogs will enhance your ranking on Google. And that, as everyone will tell you, is a vital aspect of your marketing. Use tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush to find out what keywords are ranking well and use that as your guide.

Targeting your audience

Find out what your audience turns to among social media platforms. If they’re wild about Instagram, use some sparkling copy and pictures to create a great campaign. If they are Twitter crazy, that’s where you will create some hashtags, advertise them on your guest posts and you’ll soon have a high number of followers.

You must get to know your audience. This can’t be stressed highly enough. If you don’t know them, you can’t target them. So do research and burn the midnight oil. Use Google Analytics, which tracks and reports on website traffic, and Google AdWords to see how your online ads are doing.

Social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit all have their own unique attributes, and you should target them all to find where your market is. However, just because they use Instagram a lot, it doesn’t mean you won’t pick up buyers on other platforms. Keep going with this exercise and you can be very different on each of them.

Use those keywords that you made a list of when you were doing your blogging posts and use them in your social media campaign. That’s why that list is so important. People come to know who they belong to and that’s great for your campaign.

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