Rental Car after an Accident – A Problem That Should Be Quickly Solved

By Vincent Hughes posted 14 Nov, 2020 19:06


It can be like the end of the world after a car accident and not having a car to get around. You detest relying on others to get you to where you have to be. After all they’ve got their busy lives to lead. You need a car to get your life back and the only thing you can think of now is a rental car. But who pays, after all the accident wasn’t your fault. 

Lawyers make an awful experience more pleasant

After a car accident, the accident victim should never have to battle to get a rental vehicle, but they do. Who pays for a rental car after an accident shouldn’t be something the accident victim should have sleepless nights over. And yet many have an ongoing battle with the insurance companies.

Without the help of a reputable and experienced car accident attorney, you’re just not going to come right with anything. 

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Rental car - paid for by the other person’s insurance company

When the other driver, whose fault the accident was, accepts liability for the accident, their insurance company will pay for your rental car until your car is repaired. To file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company, you must call their insurance company to start the claims process. 

The idea is to prevent you from paying for rental car expenses out of your own pocket and tampering with your own insurance.

However, if you have rental coverage on your own insurance plan, you can also file a claim with your plan, and when the other driver’s insurance company reaches a settlement, your insurer can collect payment for your rental car from them. 

You’ve got the right to a rental car

Most of the states, if not all, recognize the right of the accident victims to benefit from the services of a rental vehicle. Of course, the insurance companies are always looking for a way out not to have to part with any kind of financial benefit. 

They either try to deny your claim for rental, or they select the least expensive option, disregarding what you are entitled to.

Most of the leading car insurance companies rent you a car for up to 30 days. Victims of car accidents can usually keep the rental car until their own car is repaired. If your car is a total write-off, you can keep the rental car until you reach a settlement with the insurance company.

Avoid dealing with insurance companies

Dealing with insurance companies is enough to make you almost rather opt to not get a rental car, and yet you’re entitled to it. It can be frustrating trying to resolve insurance claims because many of the insurance company workers deliberately talk in a type of insurance lingo that is impossible to understand. 

The solution to the problem is to call the offices of reputable lawyers and let them handle the insurance companies for you. They take them on aggressively, taking no nonsense from them. Get a new car, get a rental car, get compensation – whatever is due to you, it’s only a good lawyer that can see to it that it comes your way, sparing you all the stress of trying to have a decent conversation with the insurance companies.