North American Destinations You Need to See

By Vincent Hughes posted 08 Jun, 2020 22:19


If you’re thinking about visiting North America, why not consider going off the beaten track and visiting some lesser-known but fascinating destinations on the continent? These emerging destinations will offer you a unique vacation experience. 

This summer, instead of heading to places that you’ve seen before and that will be crowded with tourists, take a walk on the wild side and try going somewhere new. Here are six ideas:

Valladolid, Mexico

While your fellow visitors to Mexico head for the country’s beaches and resorts, turn your attention inland. There you’ll find the beautiful city of Valladolid, situated in the state of Yucatan. The city offers you a unique blend of cultures. 

While the language, style, and cuisine among the locals are Mayan, the architecture and some local customs reflect remnants of Spanish colonialism. In Valladolid, you’ll also have the privilege of exploring the ruins of Mayan settlements, one of the world’s most ancient civilizations.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Regarded as the home of rock ‘n roll, blues, and soul music, Tennessee offers the visitor an eclectic mix of music venues. The city has a lively nightlife with many bars, restaurants, and clubs. 

Whether it’s food, dancing, or a good time you’re after, one thing you will find just about anywhere in Memphis is good music. For a dose of nostalgia, you can include a trip to Graceland, home of the King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley.


This Caribbean island doesn’t draw the same number of tourists as some of its neighbors. With fewer fellow tourists, you’ll have ample opportunity to explore the island’s pristine beaches and tropical forests. With bustling commercial centers that retain much of their colonial charm, you can immerse yourself in the history, culture, and cuisine of the Caribbean. 

The island is home to top-class rum manufacturing, so be sure to include a rum tour into your itinerary. Make sure you have some space in your carry-on luggage for a bottle or two of rum and some of the island’s honey and chocolate to take home. Monos check in luggage offers suitcases that are lightweight and versatile, guaranteed to give you the extra space you need.

Montana, United States

Known as ‘big sky country’, the state of Montana is famous for its wide-open spaces. If you’re looking for a socially distanced holiday, you can visit one of the many national parks and ranches that permit. 

The tranquility of spending an evening beside a campfire with nothing to do except gaze at the stars in the night sky is bound to appeal to city dwellers looking to escape the rat race. 

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Lying in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies lies the mountain town of Banff. The visitor might be forgiven for thinking they’ve magically traveled across the Atlantic and landed in a ski village in Switzerland when they see the town for the first time. 

Surrounded by imposing mountains and forests of trees, there is something distinctly Swiss about Banff. Something the town has in common with its European counterparts is luxury accommodation and hotels, where visitors can relax after a day exploring the surrounding countryside.

Alaska, United States

Alaska is as beautiful as it is wild. It remains one of the places that earn the title of being the last frontier. There’s still an element of the goldrush and the grit and determination of those early settlers in Alaska. 

While the winter months are grueling, the summer days are long and temperate. There are endless opportunities for wildlife excursions in breathtakingly dramatic landscapes and many ways to explore the state’s rich history.