What Is the Average Settlement for Cancer Related Lawsuits?

By Vincent Hughes posted 02 Mar, 2020 21:33


While money cannot buy back your health, receiving a settlement for cancer that isn’t your fault can be a great relief when paying for treatment. Cancer-related lawsuits most commonly occur in relation to exposure to asbestos.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is made up of microscopic fibers. When these fibers are inhaled, they stay in your respiration system, causing infection and mutating your DNA. Some outcomes of asbestos exposure are not cancer-related, but most asbestos exposure results in some kind of cancer.

When you get cancer from asbestos exposure, you can file a lawsuit against your employer or other responsible parties. Here is a record of average settlements for cancer-related lawsuits.

Severity of your cancer

Compensation for cancer is usually aimed at covering costs of care and treatment. As a result, the severity and type of cancer you have will affect the amount of compensation you receive. Stage one breast cancer is easier and cheaper to treat than stage four lung cancers. So, as a result, your compensation for stage one breast cancer will be lower than your compensation for stage four lung cancer.

In the case of cancers caused by asbestos exposure, the severity and type of lung cancer you have will affect the treatment costs. Some cancers are treatable through surgery and radiation treatment, while others require more lengthy and costly treatment procedures.

Costs of treatment

As mentioned previously, the cost of treatment is dependent on the type and intensity of treatment you receive. Compensation will be awarded in line with the medical costs you incur, as well as any personal costs to you that are not covered in medical care.

If you have cancers caused by asbestos exposure, particularly mesothelioma, hiring an attorney can ensure you are compensated sufficiently. As an individual, it might be difficult pursuing a settlement for cancer treatment, especially when you need to consider the time required for your treatment. 

Ongoing costs

In addition to the actual medical costs – surgery, radiation, chemotherapy – you might incur other long-term costs. If you have a particularly aggressive cancer, or find out about it too late, it might be impossible to cure you. As cancer grows and weakens your body, it may be more difficult for you to be self-sufficient.

In the case of being put into full-time care such as 24-hour nursing or hospice care, you would need to be compensated for these costs. Hospice care can be extremely costly. You can claim compensation for these ongoing care costs to ensure you receive all the necessary care you require.

Loss of income

Cancer can result in you being unable to continue working or losing your job as a result of constant absenteeism linked to your treatment. A loss of income can be devastating to you and anyone who depends on you. As a result, compensation and settlements can be claimed to compensate for the loss of income.

It is essential that your lawyer discloses loss of income as part of your settlement claim to ensure you get compensated appropriately.

Overall settlement amounts

While there is no fixed average settlement for cancers caused by asbestos exposure, some settlements range between $1 million and $1.4 million. These settlements are dependent on many factors, as mentioned above, including the responsible employer’s current business status. 

Cancer compensations aim to recover money spent on care and treatments, as well as covering loss of income. It is essential to have an attorney in settlement cases of this kind to ensure you receive sufficient and appropriate compensation.