Mr J Kelly Stewart

Managing Director & CEO,
Newcastle Consulting, LLC

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Newcastle Consulting, LLC
525-K E Market St, NE
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Leesburg, VA
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J. Kelly Stewart, MBA, CHS-IV, CAS is the Managing Director & CEO of Newcastle Consulting, LLC - an Security Risk Management Consultancy that provides proactive, predictive, and responsive advice and access to information critical in building a companies' resiliency to operational risk. Mr. Stewart draws upon more than 30 years of public and private sector experience as a Security Advisor, Subject Matter Expert, and former Chief Security Officer with Fortune 500 and 1000 corporations focused on enterprise risk, strategic security, information, and protection management. Entrusted as a first-in resource – assess the ground situation, establish relationships with key stakeholders, and lay the groundwork for future endeavors - Mr. Stewart assists executives in directing their organizations on core competencies where they can achieve definable advantages and add value to their client base thus facilitating and protecting strategic advantages in the marketplace. This is grounded in a preventative methodology and a systematic as well as comprehensive risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment process that has been honed through work with the US Secret Service and National Nuclear Security Administration. Mr. Stewart is the former Chief Security Officer/Director of Safety and Security of Intelsat Corporation, a $3 billion satellite service provider. He has managed and led physical security operations for both CACI and Deloitte. He served a distinguished tenure with the United States Secret Service coordinating advance operations with law enforcement representatives in the areas of technical security, intelligence information, threat identification and planning, and emergency evacuation operations. Mr. Stewart has further been a key advisor to the Chief of Defense Nuclear Security on matters of security policy and special projects, concentrating on physical security systems design and operations, vulnerability assessments, technology applications and security management.