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VOLUNTEER SERVICE ASIS International member for nearly 25 years, CPP, and member of the 2018 global strategic planning committee. Previous service includes chapter chairman, regional vice president, chairman of it security council, chairman of president’s commission on information security management, and faculty of apc asset protection course teaching Information Security. Recipient of 2011 president's 2011 award of merit for providing the leadership of the IT Security Council that has led to developing high quality deliverables and meaningful activities supporting the goals of ASIS in the IT community. BUSINESS Stratum Knowledge helps clients conceive, evolve and realize business value derived from security technology, ESRM, and risk best practices. A strategically crafted industry relations program can help your organization expose its unique story to clients and stakeholders. Diverse practitioner experience included fortune and technology companies, and co-invention of multiple patents. Three decades of consulting success means that services are personalized, and curated for an exact fit.