Mr Robert Baggett, CPP, PCI, PSP

USDA Office of Inspector General

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USDA Office of Inspector General


Proven leader with 18 years of law enforcement and federal program management experience. Skilled in managing volunteer organizations and diversified programs utilizing multicultural and virtual teams in furtherance of domestic and overseas criminal investigations programs, vetting, counterintelligence, and security operations in austere environments while shepherding multi-million-dollar budgets. Keen in safeguarding personnel, property, and information through risk detection, avoidance, and mitigation. Mentor for the San Francisco Federal Executive Board's Leadership Development Program. As a prior U.S. diplomat, cultivated a network of government and private sector contacts in support of Overseas Security Advisory Councils, ROI-focused strategic planning initiatives, project development, policy implementation, and COOP. Versed in diplomacy, foreign affairs, and rule of law analysis. Experienced in managing 120+ person local guard force, surveillance detection, personnel security, executive protection, travel security, and crisis management portfolios as well as physical and residential security programs. Country-specific expertise includes China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. Six years of university teaching and course development experience in criminal justice, security, public administration, and law. Instructed at domestic and foreign law enforcement academies; provided conference presentations for local, federal, and foreign law enforcement, immigration and border security officers, and diplomats focusing on interviewing, document fraud and analysis, human trafficking, physical security, and professional development program initiatives. Serves as the Chair of the ASIS International Professional Development Council. Prior Chair of the Academic and Training Programs Council.