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Ravenhill Risk Control Inc.


Security & Risk Mitigation Consultant, with nearly three decades’ combined experience in the Military & Corporate Security sectors. With extensive experience advising on and managing transnational security, risk and crisis management projects, I have developed and implemented security procedures and policies in low infrastructure, volatile and often remote regions. Very much a blue-sky thinker but with the ability to understand highly complex issues and then develop plans and solutions to meet the operational demands. My practical focus on risk mitigation, asset and personnel protection and operational security, and my experience in critical thinking and change analysis are complemented by my qualifications in Terrorism Studies, an MSc in Security, Conflict and International Development, Board Certification in Security Management (ASIS International | CPP), and bilingual (English/French) skills. A thoughtful and empathetic leader, people are at the heart of everything I do, and I am capable of managing teams or organizations of 200+ staff in demanding and hostile environments. However, I also have a clear understanding of the need to balance this against the vision of the client in order to motivate people to exceed expectations.