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Mr. Gilbert has been working in the security industry since 1998 and has been a lifelong connoisseur of executive protection. His education started at ESI in 2002 and since then, his ongoing academic development included over 200, security specific courses, NREMT, his Undergraduate Certificate in Homeland Security, Undergraduate Degree in Security Management (Southwestern College), Graduate Certificate in International Security (Stanford University) and is currently working on his thesis for the Master’s in Global Security Studies program at Johns Hopkins University. Caleb has managed (or worked) protective operations in 32 countries and over 250 (CONUS) cities and is currently the Sr. Manager, Global Protective Services for PayPal Inc. Over the course of his career, Caleb has managed and developed executive protection, residential protection, covert protection and surveillance detection teams for ultra-high net worth, corporate and celebrity principals. Mr. Gilbert has developed and continues to systematically improve and instruct, Covert Protection (CovPro), low-profile-high-efficiency protection tactics, techniques and procedures that are currently deployed on protection details worldwide.