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Jonathan has over 30 years of Security experience in the National Industrial Security, Program Ssecurity, Cyber Security, Physical Security and Emergency Management. He has served in senior security roles with TASC Inc., Northrop Grumman, Parsons, ManTech supporting the DoD Office of the Secretary of Defense Special Access Program Central Office and his current role as the Director of Security for Raven Aerostar. Additionally Jonathan has been active in the security community as a member of the American Society of Industrial Security where he is a member of the Defense Intelligence Council assisting Defense Security Service and the Intelligence community in developing an insider threat model and implementation plan to meet the NISPOM requirements and industry best practices. He served 5 terms as a board member of the Community for Information Systems Security Working Group (CAISSWG) representing industry and assisting the Intelligence community in developing and implementing national level cyber security policy. He served on the National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee’s (NISPPAC) insider threat working group and continues to be an advocate for industry on new government regulations for industrial and cyber security policy. Jonathan lives in Frederick Maryland with his wife Stephanie, daughter Meredith and their four Scottish Terriers. He is a vintage VW enthusiast having restored a 1978 VW Camper which he takes camping and to vintage car shows where it has received twelve awards in the past two years.