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My first career and original academic background was in Neuroscience and Neuropsychology. I see interesting parallels between the neural models employed in Neuroscience and similar conceptual models used in Physical and Information Security technologies. Following this I pursued a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a technical support analytical chemist / project and program manager. Throughout the more than 15 years I pursued this interest I worked extensively with IT professionals in laboratory data handling systems, robotics and automation and on other instrument technology projects. During this time I completed an MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Over the 15 years of my scientific laboratory experience I was involved extensively in use of electronic, electrochemical, optical, spectrophotometric, thermal and other analytical technologies. These provide me with a solid basis for understanding Information and Physical Security Technologies. My next path was a shift in direction. I developed an interest and career in sales and business development in various technology areas, initially in pharmaceutical / medical areas and then in computer / IT services. While involved in the latter area I had the opportunity to both work with and gain hands-on experience in hardware and software for small businesses, including operating systems, application programs and server and network technology. I remained in this area for roughly 13 years, A little over five years ago I once again shifted direction and have been employed in the Security Industry in a Supervisory and Management capacities at various global technology and banking / financial services corporations. One of my primary interests is in the ever increasing convergence of Physical and Information Security and the combined use of physical and information technologies and operational methodologies. Based on my own personal experience I think there is much to be done to improve this collaboration. I have completed the testing and qualifications for Certified Protection Officer (CPO) certification given by the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO). Currently I am preparing to take the ASIS Physical Security Professional (PSP) Certification exam. Once that is accomplished I will pursue the CISSP Certification exam. My part-time career as an Army National Guard officer provides me with experience and knowledge of offensive and defensive operations, intelligence and logistics which are directly relevant to Physical and Information Security.