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I have been in the security industry for over 25 years. I am currently the Regional Security Manager for a Fortune 500 company where I developed the Midwest Regional Security Operations program. My experience is in corporate security, loss prevention, safety and risk management. I have strong field experience with qualifications in budgeting, resource allocation and reporting. I also have a proven ability to improve operations, impact business growth, and reduce loss. In addition, I proactively identify and resolve problems; reverse negative trends and controls costs. I have a strong passion to grow team members and develop strong working relationships. My passion to elevate diversity in the workplace has been key in my strategy to grow / flourish in this male dominated profession. Thinking outside the box is what I leverage toward success. As a result of my leadership and empowering of my team, I was able to promote both direct reports in within a two year period.. I was one of the founding members of the North Shore Chapter’s CPP Study Group which began in 2005 and continued for four years. This group’s success rate was 93% first time taking the CPP exam. In addition to this, I held various roles of responsibility over the 20 years + of chapter membership including multiple years as Chapter Chair and Treasurer. I was also the Chairperson when ASIS International decided to bring the Seminars & Exhibits (GSX) back to the Chicagoland area after 20+ years. My ability to work with dynamic / challenging environments assisted with the successful collaboration and execution with the Chicago Chapter. This ensured that Chicago would return to the regular rotation process with ASIS. I am currently the Global Chair for ASIS International’s Women In Security Council as well as the North Shore Chapter’s WIS Liaison. I take my passion to empower women into the community by participating and coaching the Girls On The Run (GOTR) program which builds self-esteem and other critical skills sets with young girls ages 8 – 13. The program teaches girls how to conduct themselves in the world. It helps them to understand the importance of finishing what they begin. The program culminates in a 5K run. In addition, I support the broader / sister program “Team Adelaide” by supporting other GOTR programs with support and ideas for strengthening their programs and sharing of best practices. I am a strong collaborator who would like to continue to support the growth and development of women in the security field. While I have observed some growth over the past 25 years, I feel there is still a lot more to do. The reality that less than 10% of the individual’s certified as CPPs are women is exactly the indicator which motivates me to reach out to make an impact at a higher level. My goal would be to see at least double digit growth year over year not only in the certification arena but also in the span of influence of diversity within corporations. Women bring a different perspective toward the traditional approach to security and with the right exposure and support, could become amazing influencers / trendsetters.