Analytic Skills & Intelligence Analysis for Security Professionals (ASIS Webinar)

When:  Feb 5, 2020 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (ET)

Everyone talks about the need for better critical thinking to deal with today’s problems, but practical guidance is hard to come by. This session will share best practices in applying key thinking techniques to security problems that range from the dealing with insider threats to protecting sensitive facilities, from assessing supply chains to working with counterterrorism and competitive intelligence. Focusing on analytic strategies that improve rigor, avoid mental traps, and communicate clearly with others, security examples will be used to demonstrate the importance of understanding your context, checking key assumptions, considering alter- native explanations, seeking inconsistent data, and focusing on key drivers and indicators.

This webinar is sponsored by the ASIS Crime Prevention Council.

Learning Objectives

This webinar introduces security professionals to a set of concepts and techniques they can use to structure their analysis, how to generate solid analytic arguments, take into account change and ambiguity, and avoid major mistakes.

Participants will practice through specific scenarios to help overcome mindsets, organize information, diagnose problems, explore different ways of thinking, and avoid surprise identifying the potential adversaries.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Learn basic key thinking skills to improve the quality of your
  • Learn how and when to apply techniques to protect against biased thinking and spur
  • Learn how and when to use the tools to integrate your work with other colleagues, teams, and

Credit Information

CPE credits for ASIS-sponsored webinars will be updated in your user profile within 48 hours of completion.  Self-reporting of CPE credits is not required. 


  • Katherine Hibbs Pherson
    Author of Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence
    CEO of Pherson Associates and President of Globalytica

Ms. Pherson is vice chair of INSA’s Security Policy Reform Council and developed ASIS’s Certificate on Structured Analytic Thinking for Security Decision Making.   During 27 years at the CIA, she led the adoption of risk management methodologies, strengthened overseas security countermeasures, and managed the IC’s role in rebuilding the penetrated US Embassy in Moscow.

She is an ASIS Crime Prevention Council member, National Security Council member in Washington DC, and Speaker and Advisory Council member for the Intelligence National Security Association INSA.

  • Deyanira J. Murga
    Chair of the Crime Prevention Council of ASIS International

Ms. Murga’s 20 years of professional experience spans as a Senior Advisor in the corporate security sector, Executive Director for CERBERUS Consulting, and Founder of the SECURITY NEXTGEN program. 

Additionally, she is an active member of several organizations:  member and mentor for OSAC WIS Steering Committee, as well as a member of OSAC Latin-America Regional Council; Chair of the Crime Prevention Council of ASIS International, and member of the ASIS Awards Committee and School Safety & Security; Advisor Member for the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and The Millennium Project; member of WIIS Women In International Security, a worldwide organization that focuses on violence against women; and WCAPS Women in Color Advanced Peace and Security organization member.

She has been cited in articles in The Atlantic, The Dallas News, Women in Security, Security in 2025, and The Future of Security Industry.



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