ASIS Executive Protection

Starts:  Jun 24, 2019 12:00 AM (ET)
Ends:  Jun 25, 2019 11:59 PM (ET)

Earn up to 14 CPE CREDITS

--The only EP program offered by ASIS this year!

Do you have what it takes to succeed in this highly specialized field?

In today’s complex threat environment, the challenges to executive protection professionals—and to their principals—have never been greater. Corporate executives, celebrities, politicians, and other prominent individuals who require personal protection are counting on you to lead​ them safely through the inevitable risk-prone situations.

This comprehensive program covers the fundamental skills and procedures required to provide effective personal protection in this highly specialized field. Real case studies are used that reinforce the techniques and teach best practices.

Whether you're looking for a detailed introduction to the profession or a solid refresher course, you’ll benefit from this popular course.

“The speakers are true subject matter experts and both really hit home, not only what it takes to be a great EP professional, but the mentality required to sustain a career in the field. I'd absolutely recommend the course to anyone interested in getting involved in EP.”
--Nicole Rodriguez, Sr. Manager of Security Culture, WeWork

Immediate Benefits

  • Learn executive protection’s underlying philosophies and the mindset that drives both the protection specialist and a professional protection program
  • Understand what it takes to succeed in this highly-specialized field
  • Develop benchmarks from an in-depth analysis of advance surveys
  • Learn the critical significance of the choreography of protection
  • Review real-world residential and workplace issues
  • Examine domestic and international transportation security issues
  • Learn counter-surveillance techniques and their application to modern protection methods

Who Should Attend

  • Corporate security directors
  • Professional's interested in EP's principles and practices
  • Protective service practitioners interested in the concentric theory of protection
  • Seasoned professionals transitioning into executive protection
  • HR, security force managers, and others with personnel protection responsibility
  • Newcomers to the field of protective services

Certificate Course

This program offers an optional exam to demonstrate that attendees have met the essential course objectives. An additional exam fee applies.

Program Overview

Day One

Executive Protection Orientation: Rising to the Challenge
The complexity of modern society presents unique challenges to the work of executive protection specialists. We’ll examine these as well as look at the past to learn from our history to address these challenges.

Introduction to Executive Protection (De-mystifying EP)
This session dispels the negative view of the bodyguard and presents the concept of the executive protection specialist. 

Transportation Security
We’ll focus on automobile security—selecting the right vehicle, examining limitations and advantages, securing vehicles against attack, and conducting a proper search. Bullet-resistant vehicles and their components will also be covered.

Choreography of Protection
Learn the proper positioning required to support the concentric theory of protection.

The Advance
The critical stage of the protective effort is the advance. Receive an in-depth analysis of the advance survey, pre-departure preparations, and more. 

Advance/Choreography Practical Exercise - NEW
The class will be divided into teams to participate in exercises at nearby hotel sites. Using the advance checklist, your team will conduct the advance where you’ll apply learned principles.

Day Two

Advance/Choreography Practical Exercise Review

Teams will report on and discuss the advance practical exercise conducted at the end of day one. A critique of the previous day’s work will prepare you for a full day of instruction.

Lone Gunman (Exceptional Case Study)
Understand the thinking and behavior of individuals who have attacked or approached prominent public figures in the United States and then discuss protective intelligence strategies.

Counter Surveillance
Learn techniques that support the protective effort by watching the watchers. 

Detecting Armed Adversaries (Characteristics)
Identify the characteristics of the armed gunman by learning how to tell if a person is carrying a concealed weapon—and whether that armed person is a friend (law enforcement) or foe.

Seven Deadly Sins of Executive Protection
Executive protection must be a key component in any corporate security program. To be successful, the program must be sustained and supported by the C-suite. Failed programs can be linked to EP’s “seven deadly sins” which will be identified and discussed. Learn what will derail an initiative and how to build a program based on best practices that will be supported by the top leadership in your organization.

Threat Assessment
The foundation of all protection programs is the formulation and analysis of the data and intelligence needed to establish a framework for the development of the protective effort.

Managing and Directing an EP Program
With its 24-hour operations, unpredictable conditions, multiplicity of details, and life and death stakes, executive protection shares many characteristics with the military and law enforcement professions. Examine the most critical leadership behaviors and how a good leader performs.


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