Should I Wear Cremation Jewelry?

By Vincent Hughes posted 09 Dec, 2020 01:44


Grief is one of the most difficult human emotions to process and yet every one of us has to go through it because death is inevitable. 

Now, different people process grief in different ways with the main objective being to be able to say goodbye to a loved one in the healthiest way possible. 

Cremation jewelry is one of the ways in which some people cope with grief, as it can encourage one to talk freely about the death of a loved one, and in most cases, people use it as a mobile urn of sorts. 

Urns are already an accepted tradition in our society so why not cremation jewelry? Well, some people still think that the latter is a creepy trend that’ll pass but it’s been around for so long that it’s unlikely. 

Read on to find out more about cremation jewelry and why it can be a valuable tool to help people process grief. 

Quick History

Most people assume that cremation jewelry is something new but in reality, it has been around since ancient times. 

People used cremation jewelry to honor the lives of loved ones who had passed on or to preserve their memory over the generation, as the jewelry was passed on from generation to generation. 

Is Cremation Jewelry Creepy?

Well, it depends. It’s all about how you perceive things and how much you care about what people think. 

To some people, it would feel weird and inappropriate to wear someone’s ashes around the neck as a piece of jewelry. 

However, some people might be okay with it due to their religious leanings. Again, it’s all about your own personal preferences and values. 

However, we’d like to make a case for cremation jewelry as very few people do, and share reasons why cremation jewelry is so cool:

  • Style

Some of the cremation jewelry that we’ve found on are so innovative that you can wear most of these pieces with any item of clothing. 

They make it really easy to honor the memory of your loved one in style and they’re handmade from high-quality materials to ensure longevity as well. There’s a style for every preference. 

  • Closure

Closure is an essential step in the grieving process. It allows us to close the chapter of our lives that had our loved one in it, and to truly accept their passing. 

Cremation jewelry has been found to help with this, as it acts as a memory capsule that allows us to carry our loved ones with us throughout life. 

  • Love

The great thing about cremation jewelry is that it’s even available for pet owners and as we all know, pets are just like any family member. 

They are loved and cherished while alive and we share so many memories with them. 

That’s why it’s so important to have some token of remembrance that allows us to carry their memory and honor their life when they’re no longer with us. 


Death is never easy, especially for those left behind. 

But, the first step to healing is to accept the situation in the first place and cremation jewelry can go a long way to facilitating this. 

It can be a great way to cope with sadness and bring much-needed relief. 

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